How to Drive With Arivo

Want to make money driving your vehicle? Arivo makes it easy. Just follow these steps and we will have you online in no time.
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Download the Driver App

The Arivo Driver app can be downloaded from your App Store, and gives you all of the latest technology you'll need to be connected with customers looking for rides in your city.

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Submit Your Application Through the App

Arivo requires some basic information, such as your mailing address and vehicle details. Fill out this information on your mobile app to begin the application process.

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Verify Your Documents

Arivo requires each driver to upload a copy of their driver's license, and verify details of the banking account in which you'd like to receive your weekly payments.

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Get Approved. Go Online.

Once your account has been approved, open the Driver App and go online with your vehicle. You'll begin receiving customer requests immediately!


Our application process is quick and easy. Just download the app and apply today.
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